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Ready To Do Whatever

Ready To Do Whatever

                                Count: 64              Wall: 4                   Level: High Intermediate
                Choreographer: Dom Yates (Nov 2012)
                                Music: “Suave (Kiss Me)” by Nayer Ft. Mohombi & Pitbull (iTunes)

40 Count Intro (Approx 19 Seconds)

[1-8] : Walks Forward, Anchor Step, Walks Back, Coaster Step
1,2                          : Walk forward right, walk forward left
3&4                         : Lock right up behind left, step left in place, step back on right
5,6                          : Walk back left, walk back right
7&8                         : Step back on left, step right next to left, step forward on left
Restart Here Wall 6

[9-16] : Out, Out, Hip Bumps, Sailor Step, Behind, ¼ Turn
1,2                          : Step right slightly forward and out to side, step left out to side
3&4                         : Bump hips right, left, right
5&6                         : Cross left behind right, step right in place, step left to side
7,8                          : Cross right behind left, make ¼ turn left stepping forward on left

[17-24] : Moonwalk On Spot, Step, Forward Rock, Step Back
1,2                          : Step right toe next to left (with weight on right), slide left foot back
3,4                          : Step left toe next to right (with weight on left), slide right foot back
5,6                          : Step forward on right, rock forward on left
7,8                          : Recover onto right, step back on left

[25-32] : ¼ Turn, Touch Ball Cross, Side, Sailor Step, Behind Unwind ¾ Turn
1,2                          : Make ¼ turn right stepping right to side, touch left next to right
&3,4                        : Step left next to right, cross right over left, step left to side
5&6                         : Cross right behind left, step left in place, step right to side
7,8                          : Cross left behind right, unwind ¾ turn right (weight ends on left)
Restart Here Wall 3

[33-40] : Syncopated Forward Rocks, Pivot ½ Turn, Full Turn
1,2&                        : Rock forward on right, recover onto left, step right next to left
3,4&                        : Rock forward on left, recover onto right, step left next to right
5,6                          :Step forward on right, pivot ½ turn left
7,8                          : Make ½ turn left stepping back on right, make ½ turn left stepping forward on left

[41-48] : Lock Step, Forward Rock, Touch Back ½ Turn, Pivot ¼ Turn
1&2                         : Step forward on right, lock left up behind right, step forward on right
3,4                          : Rock forward on left, recover onto right
5,6                          : Touch left toe back, pivot ½ turn left
7,8                          : Step forward on right, pivot ¼ turn left

[49-56] : Step, ½ Turn, Sailor ¼ Turn, Cross Shuffle, Point, Monterey ½ Turn
1,2                          : Step forward on right, make ½ turn right stepping back on left
3&4                         : Make ¼ turn right crossing right behind left, step left in place, cross right over left
&5                           : Step left to side, cross right over left
6&7,8                     : Point left to side, step left next to right, point right to side, make ½ turn right stepping right next to left

[57-64] : Side Rock Cross, Side, Heel Walk In, Hitch, Side, Coaster Step
1,2                          : Rock left out to side, recover onto right
3,4                          : Cross left over right, step right to side
5&6&                      : Swivel left heel to right, swivel left toe to right, swivel left heel to right, hitch left knee across right
7,8&                        : Step left to side, step back on right, step left next to right

Start Again

Wall 3 after 32 Counts (Touch Unwind), you will Restart facing 9.00
Wall 6 after 8 Counts (Coaster Step), you will Restart facing 3.00



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