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 Flamingo was formed in 2004 by 10 like-minded folk who share the joy of line dancing and meeting friends from all walks of life, young and old. The club has grown over the years and many memorable parties, events, overseas trips to Kukup, Line dancing parties on Malaysia, etc. were organised for the enjoyment of all members.

The main objectives are to foster friendship among like-minded and fun-loving souls, especially line dancing. The oasis also serves as a melting pot for line dance lovers to practise, learn and share line dances, both old and new. Here, we also organise parties and events all year round, e.g. X'mas Party, Chinese New Year Celebration, Birthdays, Trips to place of interests, etc. Whatever the event, line dancing is always a part of the activity. 

TGIF is the motto as we meet every friday to enjoy and share joyful evening with one another. Our members who learned line dancing from different teachers meet weekly to practise, learn and share line dances. Here, members become friends and buddy. 


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