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5-6-7-8: Just Can't Get Enough!...Dancing, Rite?

5-6-7-8: Just Can't Get Enough!...Dancing, Rite?

5-6-7-8: Best Review in the Line Dancing World…Don’t Miss The Latest & Popular Dances!

Just Can't Get Enough... Come Together 2013 for more!  These are just some of the most popular line dances today. Not in order of merit, the ones that raise your eye brows:  The Bass, Be Glorious, This Woman's Heart, Rythm Of The Night, Last One Standing, and Crank It Up. More coming your way when we will review those in-thing in the next column. Meanwhile…Dance!


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Dance Level


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Last One Standing (Jan’13)


Betsy Courant

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Crank It Up (Feb’13)


Daniel Whittaker



Be Glorious (Feb’13)


Francien Sittrop



This Woman’s Heart (Feb’13)


Joshua Talbot, Stephen Paterson, Brett Jenkins



Just Can’t Get Enough (Mar’13)


Jo & John Kinser



Come Together 2013 (Feb’13)

Phase Advanced

Debbie McLaughlin



The Bass (Mar’13)


Ria Vos



Rhythm Of The Night (Mar’13)


Simon Ward



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