Flamingo Line Dance - Oasis



                                Count: 40              Wall: 4                   Level: Intermediate
                Choreographer: Vikki Morris (UK) Oct 2012
                                Music: Olly Murs ft Flo Rida - Troublemaker

Start: 12 counts after first beat of music

Walk Left, Anchor Step, Back Left, Right Coaster Step, Walk Left, Right Lock Step
1                              Walk forward Left
2&3 4                     Anchor Right foot behind Left heel, Place weight on Left, Step back Right, Step back Left
5&6 7                     Step back Right, Step Left next to Right, Step forward Right, Walk forward Left
8&1                         Step forward Right, Lock Left behind Right, Step forward Right

Step ¾ Turn Right, Point & Point, Hitch Right, Right Scissor, Right Cross Shuffle
2 3                          Step forward Left, pivot ¾ turn Right (9 o clock)
4&5 6                     Point Left to Left side, Step Left in place (&), Point Right to Right Side, Hitch Right across Left
7&                           Step Right to Right side, Step Left next to Right
8&1                         Cross Right over Left, Step Left to Left side, Cross Right over Left

Left Rock Recover, Sailor ¼ turn Left, Right Rock Recover, Back Right, Left Kick ¼ Turn Left, Point Right
2 3                          Rock Left to Left side, Recover on Right
4&5                         Cross Left behind Right, Turn ¼ turn Left Stepping Right to Right side, Step forward Left(6 o clock)
6 7&                        Rock forward with Right, Recover on Left, Step back Right
8&1                         Kick Left forward, Recover on Left as you turn ¼ turn Left, Point Right to Right side (Left knee should be bent and body should be angled towards Left diagonal) (3 o clock)

Hold & Left Cross Rock, Triple Full Turn Left, Step Right, Sailor Step Forward
2&3 4                     HOLD, Step Right next to Left (&), Cross Rock Left over Right, Recover on Right
5&6 7                     Turn full turn Left on Left, Right, Left, Step Right to Right side
8&1                         Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to Right side, Step Left forward slightly to the Left diagonal

Lock Step & Step Forward Right, Twist Heels to Right, Back Sweeps Left, Right, Right Coaster
2                              Lock Right behind Left
&3&4                      Step forward Left, Step forward Right, Twist both Heels to Right, Twist both heels back in place with weight ending on Left
5 6                          Step back Right and sweep Left out and back, Step back Left and sweep Right out and back,
7&8                         Step back on Right, Step Left next to Right, Step forward on Right

Start again & Smile



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