Flamingo Line Dance - Oasis



                                Count: 32              Wall: 4                   Level: Intermediate
                Choreographer: Alison & Peter, (May 2012); TheDanceFactoryUK
                                Music: Slam – Anna Abreu

Start after 32 count intro on verse vocals [120bpm – 3mins]

[1-8] R extended side shuffle, L touch together, ¾ L turn, L coaster
1&2&                      Step R side, step L together, step R side, step L together
3-4                          Step R side, touch L together
5-6                          Turning ¼ left step L forward, turning ½ left step R back (3 o’clock)
7&8                         Step L back, step R together, step L forward
RESTARTS: DURING WALLS 4 (starting on L wall, 9 o’clock) & 9 (starting on front wall 12 o’clock) after 1st 8 count begin the dance again.

[9-16] R fwd, L side point, L cross step, R & L back, R touch back & ½ R unwind, L fwd, ¼ R pivot, L fwd
1-2                          Step R forward, point L side
3&4                         Cross step L over R, step R back, step L back
5-6                          Touch R toes back, unwind ½ right with weight ending on R (9 o’clock)
7&8                         Step L forward, pivot ¼ right, step L forward (12 o’clock)

[17-24] R fwd (slam), hold, L fwd press/recover, L coaster, R fwd, ½ L pivot turn
1-2                          Step R forward (slam), hold
3-4                          Press L forward, recover weight on R (hitch up L knee as you recover to make it look funkier)
5&6                         Step L back, step R together, step L forward
7-8                          Step R forward, pivot ½ left (6 o’clock)

[25-32] R fwd, L heel fwd, L back, R back flick, R fwd shuffle, L fwd rock/recover turning ¼ L, L full turning on the spot triple
&1                           Step R forward, touch L heel forward
&2                           Step L back, flick R back
3&4                         Step R forward, step L together, step R forward
5-6                          Rock L forward, recover weight on R turning ¼ left (3 o’clock)
7&8                         Turn a full turn left on the spot L/R/L
Non-turning option 7&8: step in place L/R/L

Slam Chorus Option:
Step option to hit the ‘slams’ in the chorus lyrics: It happens 3 TIMES. On the back wall on the first 2 rotations (walls 3 & 7) and the R side wall on the 3rd rotation (wall 10), change the 1st steps to:
1-2&                       Big step R side, hold, step L together
3-4                          Step R side, touch L together
Carry on with the rest of dance as written.



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