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5-6-7-8: We’re Back… Your Favourite Dance, Definitely.. Dance! (18/7)

5-6-7-8: We’re Back… Your Favourite Dance, Definitely.. Dance! (18/7)

Eight of the best and great dance for your weekend dance fix – Black Gemini from Rep Ghazali, Black Heart  with popular music and great dance, Lucky Strike with its  fast East Coast beat, Drunk In The Morning with its unusual but intriguing dance move, Everybody Dance gets you onto the dance floor for sure, Histoire d’un amour – great attempt by Regina and we love it, Beautiful In My Eyes in NC2 mood at its best, and All I Need, another beautiful NC2 step not to miss…Enjoy!


Dance Title

Dance Level


Dance / Music Video

Stepsheet Available?

Black Gemini (Jul’12)


Rep Ghazali-Meaney



All Stepsheets can be found on home page – same page as this dance review, Enjoy!

Black Heart (Jun’12)


Kate Sala

Lucky Strike (Jul’12)


Peter & Alison

Drunk In The Morning (Jun’12)

Intermediate / Advanced

Niel Poulsen

Everybody Dance (Jul’12)


Jo & John Kinser

Histoire d’un amour (Aug’12)

Easy Intermediate

Regina Cheung

Beautiful In My Eyes (May’12)


Simon Ward

All I Need (Jul’12)


Rob Fowler

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